May 16, 2019

3 Ways To Nail The Tropical Look In The Living Room

3 Ways To Nail The Tropical Look In The Living Room

It’s getting towards summer and we’re not quite ready to jet off yet, but we still want those tropical paradise vibes. Bring the holiday to yourself and get the same feeling while relaxing at home in the living room. Here are 3 ways to get the sun going!

  1. Tropical plants
    It’s not the time for those small and dainty green sprouts today, instead, go for big and leafy plants with bright colours and large flowers! If you can fit a potted tree in your living room, go for it, the more bare the branches the better- and large leaves are a must! Tropical plants are one of the best ways to conjure up dreams of paradise, close your eyes and listen to the leaves rustling- aloha!
  2. White & bright colours
    White tricks the eyes and makes a room look bigger, so plaster it all over the walls and ceiling for the best effects. Not only this, but it reflects light and makes sure what little you’ve got to work with gets the most done! Pair a mostly white room with bright and tropical colours and boom, tropical vibe! Reds and oranges are particularly good at reminding us of the sun, but be careful not to go overboard- otherwise the dreary British weather won’t do very well against the deeper colours.
  3. Light
    What’s the first thing we notice when stepping out of the airport? The light and sun! Even if you have a shaded room in a hot country, they’ll always be plenty of light to remind you where you are. You can steal that trick! Wide open windows are perfect, but if you can’t replace your windows or if the sun isn’t playing along- there are plenty of light imitators you can buy. Natural light lamps and hanging lights are perfect for feeling the summer, especially in tropical print!

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