December 11, 2018

The One Mistake All Plastic Christmas Tree Owners Make

The One Mistake All Plastic Christmas Tree Owners Make

We all know the advantages of having a fake tree, or do we? It’s refreshing to have a needle free floor once in a while; but if you’re replacing your fake tree yearly, you’re missing out. Fake trees are great for the environment, everybody knows that. Except, only if you keep them for longer than one measly Christmas. The production of the trees and the pollution caused by the air-miles it has to fly to get to you is a big toll on the planet- way worse than the simple cost of cutting down one tree! Yet, somehow, tonnes of families throw away or replace their fake tree yearly, thinking that it’s better for the environment. To come out on top, environmentally speaking, you’d have to keep your fake tree for at least 6 years, but that’s part of the advantage of having a fake tree.


Some people enjoy getting out and picking the perfect tree that year, and that’s great. But when you have a fake tree, you don’t have to bother with any of that. You only have to shell out for theperfect tree once! Finding a real tree with exactly the right appealing shade of green can be a challenge, but with a fake tree, once you’ve found the perfect shade, that’s it, year after year, a perfect tree. No browning, no frowning. Not to mention getting a fake tree is so gorgeously cheap, and comes in so many different colours other than the traditional green, meaning you can easily get that perfect white Christmas look with just a fake tree and a sofa- we love it!

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