March 15, 2019

Picking The Perfect Sofa Shape

Picking The Perfect Sofa Shape

The sofa is one of the most used and interacted with pieces of furniture in the home, so it’s especially important to think hard about this big buy before you splash out. Not every sofa is right for everyone, and, among other things, it’s important to pick the right shape for your living room. But how do you know what the right shape is? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with the basics.


The most important question to ask before the money goes down is, “Sectional or standalone?” This is the main feature on a sofa that determines its shape, and it also has practical considerations too. Look at the room and space the sofa is going, think of it less like a jigsaw puzzle and more like a canvas. If you have more of a formal living room, a sleek and professional standalone sofa might be the one for you; easier to blend in and great for the occasional hang out. If your living room is more casual than formal, you may be better off with a sectional sofa, especially since the extra footrest is so great for watching telly or having a little bit of a nap! If you’re still unsure which sofa shape is best for you, straight line sofas are most likely the safer option.


If you’re planning on getting multiple sofas, think about the space they’re going in and their function. Most of the time, two sofas mirror each other; this could be a great chance to show off two sectional sofas with their footrests on each end, or, if your sofas are going in the middle of a room, a good chance to direct the eyes by using two straight sofas.

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