February 24, 2023

How to create an art deco living room

How to create an art deco living room


Welcome to the roaring 2020s.

It may not be all jazz-filled parties and flapper dresses. But the ‘art deco’ interior trend is just as relevant today as it was 100 years ago.

This is a century-old style that lends itself perfectly to the modern living room.

No need to go too OTT and recreate a scene from the Great Gatsby (although, who would mind Leo sitting on their sectional?). Just a few small elements are all that’s required to embrace the glitz and glam of this luxurious aesthetic and nail the perfect balance of old and new.

So why not grab yourself a gin rickey and read on to learn the basics? With a few simple additions, your lounge could be the cat’s pyjamas of art deco styling.



Bring 20th century art deco into your 21st century lounge

And make F. Scott Fitzgerald super proud.


1. Clean, straight lines

This is the no.1 hallmark of art deco design. Furniture that’s streamlined yet elegant, and sofas with a simple, straight-lined shape.

Here at Sofa Club, our BLOOMSBURY sofa knows its onions.

Designed with 1920s interiors in mind, this is the ultimate art deco sofa for your contemporary lounge – boasting a straight high-back design, structured arms, rectangular bolster cushions and subtle pipe detailing. Plus, it’s crafted from luxe chenille to give it that all-important opulent touch.

Simply pair it with a long low-lying coffee table to create an authentic deco vibe.


Art deco


2. Fluted detailing

A small nod to art deco interior design that’s currently enjoying a renaissance.

Vertical lines or grooves may be subtle, but they’re an easy way to invoke a sense of 1920s nostalgia and add visual interest – whilst still keeping things classy and understated.

To introduce this revived trend to your contemporary lounge, perhaps invest in a sofa with intricate fluted detailing – such as the BLOOMSBURY or ASCOT. Try out the texture with panelling or cabinetry. Or just use smaller fluted accessories such as vases or light fittings to add dimension.


3. Geometrics

Geometrics are the big cheese of art deco interiors.

Think trapezoidal, triangular and zigzagged shapes, as well as sunburst motifs, stripes and chevrons – repeated on everything from the walls to the furniture and intentionally chosen to clash.

To really embrace this bold and lavish trend, opt for statement wallpaper or upholstery fabric.

Or, if you’re as fickle as Daisy Buchanan, play it safe with a patterned sideboard or wall art. Just a little something, to add art deco flair to your otherwise neutral space, without the big commitment.

Black and white stripes are a particularly good option.

As a repeated geometric shape, they speak to the decadence of the 1920s look – but feel a bit more manageable than some of the other patterns of this time period. Either create an eye-catching feature wall with pre-made peel and stick stripes (no DIY experience required) or lay a statement rug.


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4. Be bold with colour

There’s only one rule when it comes to the hues of modern deco – make them bold.

We’re talking blush pink, peacock blue, emerald green, golden yellow, purple grape. Strong shades that create a sense of elegance and sumptuousness. But rather than painting from floor to ceiling, juxtapose little pops of these colours with a neutral base of cream, black and white.

Together, this contrast of light and dark creates the perfect balance – giving your lounge the rich and colourful look of a quintessential art deco interior, without being too overpowering.


5. Add a bit of shine

To complete the luxurious feel of your art deco living room, metallics are essential.

Back in the speakeasy era, brass was the real bee’s knees – a ‘modern’ luxuriant choice used for everything from the doorhandles to the light fittings. Fast forward to 2023 and we wouldn’t necessarily describe ‘brass’ as modern. But if you’re going for a modern deco look, a few brass items certainly won’t go a miss.

Perhaps invest in a brass and glass coffee table to go with your new art deco couch?

Put up a fan-shaped mirror edged in silver or gold?

Or embrace the 20s spirit with a metallic drinks trolley? Not only are these super spiffy to look at, they offer a practical place to store your giggle water and are perfect for getting spifflicated on a Friday night!


 Art deco living room featuring the BLOOMSBURY



Invest in your art deco style sofa today

Obsessed with art deco as much as we are? This is the only juice joint you need.

Why not treat your lounge to the BLOOMSBURY, channel your inner flapper, and add a touch of glamour and opulence to your otherwise contemporary lounge?

Or alternatively, scroll our full online collection and find a couch with the right criteria. BLOOMSBURY is an art deco sofa through and through. But we have several couches that would make the perfect focal point for an art deco lounge – simple, straight-lined and angular, yet uber luxurious.

More art deco inspo can be found on our Insta page.

And keep in mind, if you have any questions, you’re always welcome to get in touch. Whether you’d like further art deco interior design tips or need advice on the best sofa for your art deco living room, book a video call with our sofa hosts or send us a DM on WhatsApp.


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