January 31, 2022

Homes In The Spotlight: Meet Sandra

Homes In The Spotlight: Meet Sandra

We are kicking off the week with a Homes in The Spotlight blog. Another one of our favourite home accounts @ourlilhome has answered some of your most asked interior questions, giving you tips & insight into why she started her home account. Keep reading to find out more!
1. What was your inspiration behind starting a home account?
Mrs Hinch! Coming across Mrs Hinch's account really inspired me to create my own page and see what I could make it into. I was ready to make my house a home and what better way than gaining inspiration from Instagram!
2. Mrs Hinch is definitely the ultimate home account page! What interior trend are you fully embracing in your home right now?
I’m currently loving the monochrome/boho look however my taste in decor is all over the place! I love a combination of trends and colours but black has become my ultimate favourite as it stands out!
3. That is a trend favourite of ours too! How would you describe your home style in 3 words?
Minimalistic, contemporary and simple.

4. A celebrity home you'd love to visit?
Would have to be Joey Essex 😍 

5. We would have to agree! What is your best home purchase vs home purchase fail?
Best purchase is my sofa, the comfiest we’ve ever had! I would have to say my purchase fail would be a rug I ordered, I didn’t check the measurements and when it arrived it was TINY!

6. Always check your measurements everyone!! Which room do you spend the most time in and why? 
The living room, especially in the evening as cosy nights are the best. The kitchen is another favourite as we often bake and cook together! 


7. Nothing beats those cosy evenings at home! What is your favourite way to unwind at home?
Warm bath, candles lit, music on, comfy clothes, blankets and lots of tea ☕

 8. Lastly what is the best home tip you've ever received to share with our followers?
There’s a tip I learned from Mrs Hinch, using empty toilet rolls in the pleats of your curtains to make them look fuller and lay straight. It really does make the difference!

Safe to say we have never heard of that tip but what a handy one - thank you!

You can check out Sandra's stunning home account here: @ourlilhome
Need some inspo? Check out her latest styling reel here over on our @sofaclub.uk Instagram! 

Stay tuned for more upcoming Q+As and don’t forget to tag us in your home content featuring our sofas - we would love to feature you in one of our upcoming blogs. 

Sofa Club x

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