August 08, 2018

5 countryside design secrets you can steal!

5 countryside design secrets you can steal!

Sigh, the wind whistles through the room, birds chirp and leaves rustle, and for a moment, a single moment, it's perfect. And then there's some sort of car horn battle to the death outside and you open your eyes and realise you're not quite out of London yet. But don't despair, you can still create your little countryside shrine within your home with these 5 top tips the pros would rather we weren't sharing!

  1. Getting that country feel is all about breathing room, and whether you've got it or not it's the image and air of that space that really matters. Using bright colours on the walls like white also works to make the room seem larger than it actually is and makes you happier for it!
  2. The countryside is all about natural and earthy colours, feels and materials. So? Take that vibe and try and apply it indoors! Wooden floors, counters and furniture as well as using shades of green, brown and cream all raise up images of countryside holidays as well as having the added profit of being super relaxing!
  3. Putting beams on the ceiling twists the brain's image of distance, think ceiling heels-like that one really tiny girl who somehow manages to look normal sized on a night out! Making them wooden, even if painted over (extra points if the wood's old) works wonders for the natural effect!
  4. A country house is a working house, useful and comfy. This is one style where you don't have to be afraid of hiding all of your stuff!
  5. You may be thinking stone is only for the outside of your home, not the inside. We'll forgive you, but design is all about thinking outside the box and exploring. Stone cladding or even exposing the bare walls in rooms such as the conservatory can really finish the rustic countryside vibe.

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