January 27, 2023

Sofa trends of 2023

Sofa trends of 2023

It’s a sofa.

Four feet, two arms, a backrest, lots of cushions. A tried-and-tested piece of furniture. How could it possibly be reinvented?

Turns out, quite easily.

Every year, designers come up with a new take on the humble sofa. And here we’ve handily listed the sofa trends that will dominate for the next 12 months. From statement sculptural designs to decorative detailing – it seems, there’s a lot that’s different for 2023.

Our advice? Be a slave to the fashion.

Whether you’re moving into your first property or would like to give your lounge a little refresh, you need this year’s ‘it’ couch – and here at Sofa Club, we’re more than happy to oblige.

Swot up and select an en-vogue sofa design from our collection.

 Sofa trends of 2023


The hottest seats on this year’s sofa scene

Spoiler alert – angular sofas are so last year.


1. Curved sofas

Curvaceous soft styles are big news for 2023.

Think rounded corners, soft edges, arched silhouettes. ‘Kidney-bean-shaped’ couches that create a cocoon of comfort – with deep, sweeping seats that are perfect for some much-needed R&R.

It’s a trend that stems from the ‘biophilic’ interior design craze of late (i.e. our sudden desire to bring the outside in and create harmony between our homes and the natural environment).

Curved sofas are a nod to the fluid, curved shapes found in nature. They’re soft, sexy and sumptuous. A unique way to give your lounge a fresh, organic and relaxing vibe.


Get the look with RUNWAY 203.

A new addition to our 2023 line-up, Runway 203 isn’t a sofa. It’s a statement.

Crafted from luxe chenille with soft rounded edges. Perhaps it’s a little extra? That’s the whole point. Let its curves sashay their way into the centre of your lounge, sit yourself down in the middle and enjoy its cosy embrace.


Biggest sofa trend of 2023 - curved sofa


2. Fluted details

Flutes. Not the type that you play (hold the earplugs), but the type you can admire.

Fluted detailing is a classic interior design trend that’s set to be revived this year. You’ll find fluted details on sofas. Fluted details on furniture. Fluted details on walls. Fluted details everywhere!

And it’s easy to see why it’ll be enjoying a renaissance.

It may only be subtle, but fluting is an easy way to create a visual impact – especially in a contemporary, minimalist lounge. From a distance, it gives elements dimension and interest. Up close, it makes things irresistibly tactile – adding texture and decoration, without going too OTT.


Get the look with THE ASCOT.

This a double corner sofa that knows its trends.

The Ascot combines straight lines with curvaceous arms, subtly accented with flute and inlaid detailing. It’s 100% on-point, whilst remaining understated and elegant. Just choose your neutral – Summer Linen or Stormy Skies – and dance to the tune of one of this year’s hottest sofa designs.


New sofa design available at Sofa Club 


3. Sectional sofas

2023 will also see the rise of modular shapeshifters (i.e. sectional sofas).

Made from a series of smaller sections – which slot together and pull apart like pieces of life-size Lego – this is a sofa style that has propelled to popularity in recent months.

Why? Because they offer seating freedom.

Whether two becomes three, you decide to upsize, or would just like to convert your open plan space into a ‘broken plan’, a modular couch can be easily (and continuously) modified in line with your needs. Change the size. Switch up the style. Alter the config. Their versatility knows no bounds.

They also get bonus points for being sustainable.

In contrast to ‘throw away’ fast fashion, sectional couches are intended to last. A true money-well-spent investment, that will grow, adapt and last until you’re grey and old. 


Get the look with THE MARYLEBONE or THE SAVOY.

Both contemporary designs that introduce sectional living and offer endless options.

With a range of customisable sectional pieces to choose from, it’s possible to build a sofa in the perfect size and shape for your living space – no matter how big or small that may be.

Just grab the Lego, channel your inner child and get creative.


Sofa styles available at Sofa Club


Want to shop the latest sofa trends?


At Sofa Club, our collection is packed full of trend-led sofa designs for stylish moments. Take a little scroll and pick out a couch with on-point credentials.

Further inspo can be found on our blog and socials, including everything from this season’s ‘it’ colours to pics of our 2023 sofa styles in action. Just check out our Insta page and learn from the experts.

Alternatively, if you have any questions, you’re more than welcome to hit us up.

Either send us a direct message on WhatsApp or send an email to customersupport@sofaclub.co.uk. Our in-house ‘sofa trend’ followers will get back to you ASAP with all their insider intel.


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