July 08, 2019

3 Quick & Easy Design Tricks For A Dreamy Bedroom Look

3 Quick & Easy Design Tricks For A Dreamy Bedroom Look

Creating that magical feeling when walking into your bedroom isn't as easy as putting up a few fairy lights; so we have put together 3 quick and easy tips to ensure the next time you walk into your bedroom it feels like a relaxed and calming sanctuary. 


Don't be scared of the colour white
There's nothing wrong with a bold statement colour in your room, but if you're going for the dreamy calming look, it's probably best to stick to neutral tones and colours. White is the principal colour for getting this effect, perhaps give the walls a lick of paint and then add in similar tones such as cream, beige and nudes in the fabrics and bedroom accessories. 
Make the most of textures and fabrics
There's something about how fabrics fall and drape a certain way that instantly relaxes you. Don't be scared to experiment with your bedsheets, throws and blankets. If you have a bedframe or low ceiling, draping fabrics over the bed is one of the best ways to achieve the dreamy, luxurious look. 
It is all in the details 
There are many small details that can help to transform any old room into a dreamworld. Think plants, hanging items, art, mirrors and lights. These little details will help transform your bedroom and give it a cosy, welcoming feeling. 


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