October 26, 2022

Create your calm corner with a corner sofa

Create your calm corner with a corner sofa

Fancy a bit of self-loving?

In a world of stressful jobs, chaotic families and socialising, finding a little ‘me’ time – to relax and enjoy a hobby – can be pretty much impossible. But it’s so important for your mental health.

And guess what? It turns out, the best place to do it is sat on a corner sofa, in your very own ‘emotional escape room’.


Good. It’s time to start prioritising your wellbeing.

To mark World Mental Health Month 2022, here we’ve rounded up the deets on how to create a calm corner in your home and find your zen for at least 5 minutes each day.


What is an emotional escape room?

Nope – it’s not an escape room game designed to put you in touch with your feelings.

It’s the latest interior design meets wellness trend. One in which you create an emotional safe space in your home, where you can enjoy some alone time and ‘feel all the feels’. A room away from distractions, for you to immerse yourself in whatever you like to do…



Playing an instrument.




Dancing like nobody’s watching (because they won’t be).


It’s your space and your choice. A personalised escape for when the world gets a bit too much.


Man enjoying emotional escape room


And how much do we love this idea?

A lot!

There’s so much emphasis on creating areas of the home for entertaining guests. But whilst connecting with friends and family is important for our mental health, designating a room for you to reconnect with yourself is perhaps even more vital. And we’re more than here for it.


Plan your great (indoor) escape

The possibilities for an emotional escape room are endless. But whatever kind of solace you’re searching for – whether you want a space to decompress, vibe or silently rage – there are four basic rules to keep in mind when creating your calm corner.


Corner sofas available at Sofa Club


1. Keep it comfy

Sofas = self-care. So, it goes without saying – for a self-care space, you’re going to need a comfy couch.

Imagine sitting on a soft bed of clouds, with a warm fluffy blanket wrapped around you head to toe… yep, that’s exactly what you’re aiming for. And our corner sofas understood the assignment.

Generous in size and made from the cosiest of fabrics – such as relaxed linen and luxe velvet – they’re perfect for both snuggling up or stretching out. And pushed neatly into the 90˚ angle of the room, they create a calm corner for relaxation, whilst freeing up the floor for other things.

Roll out the yoga mat. Set up the old keyboard. Create the perfect crystal grid for meditation. It’s entirely up to you.


2. Choose calming colours

However you plan to use your emotional escape room, it’s important keep it light and airy.

You need to give your mind space to breathe. So try to opt for neutral tones – such as whites and creams – as they’ll give the space a fresh and positive vibe. For your corner couch, both the Ivy in Gentle Willow and the Marylebone in Duvet Day are a great shout.

And remember to add a plant. Not only does a little lush greenery improve air quality, plants are proven to do wonders for your mental wellbeing – reducing feelings of anxiety and stress and boosting creativity levels.


Sofa perfect for emotional escape room


3. Create a mood

Think ambient lighting. The warm glow of an arc lamp above your velvet corner sofa. Diffusers filled with scents of lavender, lemongrass and eucalyptus. And at least two or three flickering candles.

All the cliché things that can help to make you feel calm?

Pile them all into the space. Creating a cosy and comforting atmosphere will make it much easier for you to disconnect from day-to-day life, breathe out all the negativity and feel 100% relaxed.


4. Set a few boundaries

Rule number four is that you set the rules.

Are phones allowed? Can people speak to you when you’re in the safe space? Is it compulsory to have a book when you enter? Do you need to be wearing your comfies with a brew in hand?

You’re the boss.

This is particularly important if you live with someone else. When you’ve got your feet up on that L shaped sofa and are doing whatever it is that you enjoy, don’t let anyone ruin the moment.


Not got a spare room?

No biggie. Even if you live in a compact terrace or tiny loft apartment, you can still create a space for yourself.

Perhaps slot one of our small corner sofas into the corner of your compact bedroom? Just a mini area, designated solely for daily decompression. Or maybe set up a little sanctuary at the back of your WFH office? By the front window? In the cupboard under the stairs if you have to?

We get it – not everyone has the luxury of space. But that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the benefits of an emotional escape. Just carve out the tiniest area and a smidge of time and that’ll do.


Corner couch from Sofa Club


Invest in your calm corner couch this October

What better time to start focusing on your mental health than World Mental Health Month?

If you’re desperate for a little ‘me’ time, there’s a room for that. And here at Sofa Club, we have the perfect corner sofa for you to park your bum and distance yourself from the world…even if it is just for 5 minutes a day.

We’re also the home of stress-free sofa shopping – so no need to worry about us adding to your worries. Simply browse the range, pick up a sofa for a fantastic price, and we’ll have it delivered and set up in your emotional escape room before you can choose your first book.

And if you have any questions (or just fancy a friendly chat!), you’re welcome to hit us up any time. Either DM us on WhatsApp or send an email to customersupport@sofaclub.co.uk.


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