March 05, 2019

3 Ways To Enjoy A Stress-Free Bedroom

3 Ways To Enjoy A Stress-Free Bedroom

Having a good looking home is great, but life isn’t all about looks and at the end of the day- when you’re living somewhere, it’s got to be comfortable to live in. There’s no place you can feel this more than the bedroom. It’s important to protect that happy aura around your area of sleep, and if there’s something making that area more stressful, even if you’re not thinking about it directly- it can massively impact your sleep, and therefore the rest of your day.

  1. Think about the reasons for each decoration
    Have you ever stopped to think about how your decor makes you feel? Something can look great but feel bad, especially if it has negative suggestions or makes you think about something you just don’t want to when you’re getting ready to sleep. Of course, your bedroom isn’t just used for sleep, but it’s important to have a different mindset for brain using activities and when you need to shut it off.
  2. Keep work out of sight
    It’s great being productive; and for some, having a big pile of work right in front of you when you go to bed and wake up is great for getting motivated. But for others, that can be a cause of stress. If you’re struggling to relax at night, it could be because seeing work items puts your brain in work mode- and funnily enough, that’s not the best state of mind to try to sleep in. This trick works the other way too, so if you often find yourself tired while trying to work, consider changing rooms and do your best to seperate the two activities mentally.
  3. Declutter
    Just like the sight of a big pile of work can get your mind racing, the sight of another type of work can have the same effect, even if less stressful on the surface. This is especially important if you’re feeling overwhelmed. When we feel busy we tend to spend less time cleaning and getting rid of clutter- but this has a knock on effect to the very thing you need most during that time, sleep. Try to take a few minutes out of your day even when you’re the most busy, the extra sleep will be worth it!

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