November 02, 2023

Corner Sofa Buying Guide

Ready to upgrade your living room? We've put together a corner sofas guide to help you choose the right options for your home. 

Wondering how corner sofas are measured? Unsure how to know which style to go for, or whether you need a left or right-hand sofa? We've got you covered below, with all the information about corner sofas you could possibly need to know. 

So, sit back (as comfortably as you can until your brand-new dream sofa arrives) and read on for the ultimate guide to corner sofas. 

Why choose a corner sofa?

Corner sofas are the ultimate in living room furniture. These elegant L-shaped sofas offer enough space for you, your family and any guests - all the while adding a sense of style and comfort to any space. The smart L-shape of these sofas means you can maximise the room you have and get more bums on seats, essentially. Even Baby wouldn’t mind being put in one of these corners...

At Sofa Club we've got a wide range of corner sofas, with so many options to choose from to find your dream settee. Browse our fabric corner sofas and velvet corner sofas, and choose the perfect shade to complement your decor. Find chaise sofas with footstool ends, and customise the layout of your room with either a left-hand or right-hand sofa to fit.

One of the many benefits of a corner sofa is versatility. Because of the way they're shaped, they can usually be positioned pretty much anywhere in your room. Go traditional and line up the back with two walls, or go bold and use the corner design to your advantage - these sofas make fantastic space dividers or statement pieces in their own right.

Whether you're entertaining a crowd or just want a bit more space to stretch out, the right corner sofa will - and we don't say this lightly - change your life. 

Left and right-hand corner sofas explained

When you're shopping for corner sofas, you're likely going to come across the terms "left-hand" and "right-hand". This refers to the side that's longest, essentially. 

So, imagine yourself standing in front of the sofa. If the longest side is on the left as you're looking at it, it's a left-hand sofa. If it's on the right, it's a right-hand sofa.

How to measure a corner sofa

When it comes to corner sofas, size is important. After all, even the most spectacular sofa is only the right one if it fits in your home!

So, the best way to measure for a corner sofa:

Choose the right position

Obviously, your sofa has to work around you. So, you need to have an idea of where you want to position it before you start. You might have a particular place in mind - e.g. against the wall, facing the TV, in front of the window.

Make sure to think about the shape and style of your room while you choose. If possible, choose a couple of potential positions so you can adjust and test layouts.

Measure your space

Make a note of all relevant corner sofa dimensions (height, width and depth - you can find this in the Dimensions tab on our product pages). All Sofa Club sofas come in multiple parts to make delivery a little bit easier. 

Start with the length measurements, and begin from the centre of the sofa's "crease" (where the two sides meet to make the corner).  Make sure to measure both sides, outward from the centre, at a 90-degree angle from each other to map out the shape of the sofa.  If you're going for a double corner sofa you'll find that both lengths are pretty much identical, but make sure to still measure accurately.

Then measure the sofa's depth - measure to the edge of the seat from the centre of the crease and then again on both sides to ensure it will all fit. Make sure to factor in the back of the sofa as well as comfortable leg room. If the sofa is near a door, check it can swing open fully.

Don't forget about height when you're jotting down your sofa measurements. That way, you can work around plug sockets, window ledges or light switches.

Map out the delivery route

Getting your sofa set up in your living room is the final step, but you also need to think about delivery as well. Measure the width and angles of any doorways or stairways the delivery will need to pass through, to double-check the parts will fit.

Once you've got that sussed, you can mark out the dimensions of your chosen sofa on the floor. Use masking tape, or even old newspapers. This can help you visualise the space more, and test out different furniture combinations to make sure it all works together.  

Corner sofas FAQs

What is a corner sofa?

Corner sofas are, simply, sofas with a corner - it does what it says on the tin. The easiest way to picture it is to think of an L-shape sofa, where some of the seats face a right angle to the others. Often one side will be longer than the other, though you can opt for a double corner sofa to have both sides equally sized. Depending on your space, you might want to think about U-shaped sofas.

Do corner sofas come apart?

All Sofa Club corner sofas are made in parts for easier delivery. They then just need to be fitted together securely to make a complete set. While you're browsing our sofas, click the Dimensions tab to check whether it comes delivered in parts. 

Do I need a right or left-hand corner sofa?

Choosing between right and left-hand corner sofas is as simple as choosing how you want your room to be set up. The names refer to the point of view of someone looking at the sofa - so if you were standing in front of the sofa and the longer side was on the right, that makes it a right-hand corner sofa. 

What is the best corner sofa for small spaces?

Corner sofas come in all shapes and sizes and there are some ideal for smaller living rooms. In general, the L-shape often helps you make the most of space, which can be great for smaller rooms or angular spaces. Measure your room carefully before you start shopping to make sure the sofa you choose will fit comfortably. Don't forget to measure any doorways and hallways the delivery will have to pass through as well. 

Is a corner sofa comfortable?

Absolutely! Corner sofas are designed to be comfortable as well as stylish and generally come with a range of reclining options. Many also have a choice of a high back or a scatter back and built-in footrests to make them even more comfortable.

How do I maintain a corner sofa?

The easiest way to maintain a corner sofa’s distinctive style is to regularly vacuum it and use a soft cloth with warm soapy water to clean any spills or stains. Depending on the material, you might also be able to use a specialist fabric cleaner.

Browse our full collection of corner sofas to find your perfect match.

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