February 06, 2019

3 Ways You Can Avoid Mistakes In Your New Home

Getting started decorating a new home is an amazing feeling; what could be better than a fresh and beautiful platform primed and ready for you to squash in as much personality as poss! It can be *so* exciting, that it’s sometimes easy to get carried away and make a few novice mistakes that, trust us, you’ll live to regret. In the oh so noble interests of not getting the DIY overalls out again, the experts at sofa club have brought together the top 3 mistakes made when decorating new houses and how you can avoid them.

  1. Measure twice, paint once
    You can be so utterly convinced a paint is perfect for a space all you like, but before it’s actually in there, you won’t know at all. Yes, it’s a little bit more expensive to shell out on different shade variations, but, trust us, it’ll all be worth it when you notice, actually, one shade lighter really sets off the furniture!
  2. Shop around
    Sometimes, furniture from the same place can tie together a few bits and pieces in a room. That’s great, but when your whole house is George brand homeware, you’ve got a problem. It’s easy to get caught up with a single look, but in the long run, varying your home and interior will not only make it more livable- but also more you, and less the owner of that particular shop.
  3. Plan out the layout
    One of the worst mistakes you can make when having a go at interior design is just pushing everything against the wall and thinking bish bash bosh done. No! It would be great if it was that easy, but rooms, especially larger spaces, often need a bit of jiggling around and innovation to actually look good- even with the perfect furniture. Don’t give up the job when you’ve done the shopping, you’re only halfway there! Try putting two sofas opposite each other or jutting out furniture for extra effect.

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March 26, 2019

Hello, which range is this sofa from and whats the cost. Also, does it come in grey.


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