May 24, 2019

How To Bring The Countryside To A City Living Room

How To Bring The Countryside To A City Living Room

The convenience of living in the city isn’t something we’re ready to give up any time soon, as much as we love the style and history of the design there. There’s no rule saying that same style can’t be applied just as well in a city setting, so, if you’re into that free countryside feeling- pay close attention for all the juicy little secrets.


First off, it’s not only important to have a lot of natural light- but also to have a lot of the outside directly visible from the safety of the sofa! Keep windows as open and uncovered as possible, and decorate the immediate outside area with plants and nature galore. Wooden panelling can look amazing in any countryside house- paint white or decorate with wallpaper for a fun and trendy take to fit in with the buzz of the city.


Including nature is super important for this look. Yes, that includes plants and wood- but it also includes animals. Perfect opportunity to whip out the cute bird wallpaper for a single striking wall, jazz up the ceiling or invent your own pattern. In terms of fabrics, florals are a must- but don’t overdo the flowery vibe. You’re going for the garden vibe, NOT the grandma vibe.

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