June 18, 2019

3 Situations A Standard Sofa Isn’t The Answer

3 Situations A Standard Sofa Isn’t The Answer

Most of the time a standard comfy sofa looks and feels amazing. But there are different types of sofas for a reason, and it’s not a one size fits all situation. Whether your room is short on space, people, or style- there’s a better sofa for your needs. Here are 3 reasons the standard sofa type might not be the answer for you and what to do instead:

  1. You’re low on budget
    Although there are some seriously stylish yet affordable sofas out there, buying a full priced couch isn’t for everyone. Sometimes, every penny counts, and forking out for both a sofa and a bed just isn’t affordable right now. Student or not, you don’t need to go without. Sofa beds are the perfect double agent to fit both needs. They can be easily swapped depending on the time of day and they don’t break the bank.
  2. You’re low on space
    Only just able to squeeze in the number of seats you need? It’s probably best not to clutter up the limited space you have even more by adding a footstool. Recliner sofas are the cheap, practical and space-saving answer to all of your sofa worries. As long as your recliner fits lengthwise, no need to worry about measuring front space and trying to stuff that coffee table in. It’s easy to recline to different degrees to use just the amount of space you have, and there’s no need to have to dance over footstools to get by.
  3. You’re not a people person
    Sometimes the home is for relaxing. And by relaxing we mean keeping out all annoyances. You might have a special room which only you use, or you may simply like to keep your entire flat to yourself. You could fork out for a full-length sofa, but empty spaces definitely aren’t *the look*. Single seaters are perfect for you. Look fabulous while relaxing in-style (and with some extra cash in your pocket!)

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