July 20, 2020

Create The Dream Home Office With These 4 Ideas

Create The Dream Home Office With These 4 Ideas

For many people, working from home is the new reality and nothing has transformed how we use and think about our homes quite like the sudden, demanding integration of remote work. For some, a slim tabletop to hold a laptop and a few supplies will suffice. For others, a full-on office with built-in storage, printer space and a door that closes is required. With that in mind, we looked at the most popular home offices on Pinterest and gathered five practical ideas you can use to create the you dream home office.

1. Design With Video Meetings In Mind

Videoconferencing has prompted many people to rethink their home office, so you should spend some time thinking about how your background looks on camera. If you'd like to replicate an office look - you could opt for a white board or calendar on the wall to help with planning each week. If you'd prefer to make your home office more visually pleasing, why not wallpaper one wall, invest in some lovely prints and treat yourself to a glamorous chair where you can get comfy whilst taking your video calls. 

2. Maximise Wall Storage

As you’ll see, wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling storage units play a big role in a lot of the most popular home office photos. Storage systems are a great way to maximise wall space, and drawers and cabinets conceal files and supplies. Shelving units are also good to hold and organise books and decorative objects and bookshelves lend to more of a library look.

3. Add Biophilic Elements to Promote Wellness

It’s important to stay energised and feeling good in a home office space, so adding biophilic design principles can help a person feel connected to nature whilst indoors. Live plants, natural woven textures, light wood and lots of light promote a soothing work environment.

4. Consider an Office Nook

If your home doesn’t have a separate room that can serve as a hardworking office, find a spot for an office nook. A quiet room with few distractions is your best bet, and this way you are optimising the room to serve several functions. Custom cabinetry provides storage for all sorts of supplies, and you'll be surprised how useful it may be to have a multi-functional room in your home. 

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