August 17, 2018

How to capture the ultimate SOFA SELFIE moment

How to capture the ultimate SOFA SELFIE moment

We understand the urge to whip the phone out and start snapping when we feel good, and, chances are if you're going to be spending well deserved time relaxing up a storm on the sofa- that's where some of those moments will occur. The ultimate sofa selfie is when you catch yourself in that moment of pure bliss relaxing against your sofa. We wish we had a constant camera trained on us, because that pretty much sums up the vast majority of our time spent relaxing! Snapped a selfie to rival the Kardashians? We'd love to see it!

First off, an important part of any selfie is controlling the background, and a sofa background is no different, make double sure you can't see your brother walking around naked reflected in that picture frame! Try and control the lighting and reposition to find the best shadows and angles on your face to snap like a real pro. Careful not to overthink it too much or your pics can look forced and remember, being on a sofa is all about being calm and relaxed! Try and have a good and easy smile, we know it's difficult sometimes to smile naturally on demand, but a good way to trick yourself into it is by making yourself laugh beforehand! Since we know taking the perfect picture is an inconsistent art at best; be prepared to take quite a few before you get that perfect pose. Don't forget to have fun, after all, the sofa is a place of relaxation, relax, sit back and get snapping!

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