October 05, 2018

Where to place your plants

Where to place your plants

Although it may seem like some people have perfected the ancient plant whispering technique; they always seem to know exactly where and how to place their plants, which seem to live forever happily whereas on your side you can't seem to keep a cactus hydrated... It's really a few simple secrets to the perfect plant placement. First off, always check the label and any instructions that come with your plant, some plants have a leisurely time sunbathing directly under a window all day, and some burn to a crisp if a single ray touches any part of them. Similarly, some plants love relaxing in the shady corner, and some go there to die. When you've established which areas your plant will be comfortable in, then you can happily compare places based on how they look. Try to use your plant as contras from unnatural things in the home, if you have a metal or plastic shelf a plant will add life and love to a space like that, however if you have one wooden item in the room and decide to pop your plant on there- what have you gained?  Another thing to consider is that a plant should not be blocking out light, but, paired with a white and light background green really works to introduce a sense of calmness to a space and remove a sense of coldness. Corners and behind objects in the background are generally good spots for plants, if your plant is the statement piece in your room- something has gone wrong somewhere and you need to get out more!

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