June 21, 2019

Sofa Hacks To Revamp An Old And Tired Sofa

Sofa Hacks To Revamp An Old And Tired Sofa

Sometimes you just need a new sofa, however much you love your old one. Sometimes however, there’s still some life left in the old boy and whether you’re short on cash or just don’t use your sofa very much anymore, you’re still waiting to get a new one. While you’re dreaming of your perfect seating, there’s no harm in sprucing up your old couch.


First off, every sofa is different, so always check the manufacturer's instructions before messing around with the pieces themselves. With that said, most sofas can handle a bit of light washing or beating, and everything looks better when it’s free of dust and nicely cleaned. Take note of any stains on the fabric and if need be, flip cushions or strategically place a throw.


Over time, the cushions of your sofa can lose some of their plump. If this happens to your sofa, look into adding some extra stuffing or sofa filler. Sometimes, your sofa covering will need to be rewrapped or pinched, but we think it’s worth it for that cheeky new sofa look.


You may think you’re stuck with the sofa colour you have now. You’d be mistaken. Many different fabrics can actually be painted or dyed to become a brand new sofa! Although leather paint works especially well, most fabrics can be painted whatever shade you want- you can even design yourself a patterned sofa! (Although we don’t recommend it without consulting your therapist first!) Grab a paint brush or a pot of dye and trick your friends and family into thinking you finally splashed out on a new piece. Shhh, we won’t tell if you don’t!

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