February 10, 2023

Show your fabric sofa some TLC this Valentine’s

Show your fabric sofa some TLC this Valentine’s

It’s February. Love is in the air babe.

But forget about buying a cheesy card for that guy who’s moving mad. Or wasting your money on flowers and chocolates and over-priced meals.

This Valentine’s Day, why not choose to couple up with your real one and only – and devote all that love and affection to the true love of your life? Your fabric sofa.

It’s loyal. It’s caring. It gives you cosiness, comfort and statement style day-after-day. The full package. So the least you could do is set aside a few hours on the 14th, to share a little quality time together and treat your fabric couch to the TLC it deserves.


How to clean your fabric sofa

‘Because sitting on you is my favourite place to be’ 😘



No need to start googling Mrs Hinch.

But to begin the pamper sesh right, it’s worth tackling any visible stains.

That stubborn spot courtesy of Friday night’s Merlot? The smudge of ballpoint from jotting in L’AGENDA? The unidentified, suspicious mark that’s probably got something to do with pup?

Time to stop ignoring them.

Either use mild soapy water and a soft cleaning cloth. Or (even better!) the products in our cleaning kit, to gently dab away the grime and restore your fabric sofa to its original glory.


Fabric sofas available at Sofa Club



Coins, crumbs, popcorn, kirby grips, a sock that went AWOL four weeks ago.

The things found lurking beneath the sofa cushions can be pretty grim.

Start by taking off all the scatter cushions and throws – and, if they aren’t fixed, remove the seat and backrest cushions too. Pick off any large items. Then use the soft brush attachment of your vacuum to suck up the rest of the dust, dirt and debris that’s lying on the base of the sofa frame.

Next, turn your attention to the individual sofa cushions. Hoover each one slowly and carefully, taking care to cover every last inch – front and back. We’re talking uber thorough. If your fabric sofa is made from luxe velvet and you can’t see those satisfying lines, you’re not doing it right.


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Fabric couches love a good plumping.

It’s their equivalent of a fab back massage – perfect for revitalising both their look and feel. And a little effort on your behalf really goes a long way. They may even return the favour, suddenly offering up as much unreal comfort and plump cosiness as they did on the first day you met.

In the first 6 months of your relationship, foam sofa cushions can compress by 10-15% - but it’s easily resolved.

Just take each cushion and gently (but firmly) hit each individual side, gradually moving the filling back towards the centre and breathing new air into the foam. Rotate the cushion as you go and, if they’re reversible, arrange them in the opposite position when you pop them back onto the frame.



The last step in the ‘fabric sofa care’ routine?

Make sure it looks good.

Before you cuddle in for a romantic night of comfort, cosiness and chardonnay, give your fabric sofa a little Valentine’s makeover and dress it for the special occasion. We’re thinking a trio of textured scatter cushions. A couple of designer throws. Soft lighting that illuminates it’s best features.

Don’t forget a little fragrance (SC fave: Jo Malone Lavender and Moonflower Sofa Mist 🫶).

Then finally, to finish the sexy look and set the mood, light a couple of scented candles. Treat it to bunch of roses, placed in a vase at the side, and show your fabric couch just how much you care.


Fabric couch available at Sofa Club


Not feeling it with your current sofa?

Whether there’s zero spark or you’ve got the ick, you’ve definitely not met the ‘one’ yet. Which means, it’s time to get on the dating app of the sofa world (i.e. our collection) and have a little scroll.

With so many styles, sizes and colours to choose from, you’re bound to find a couch that’s 100% your type on paper. A sofa you’ll be desperate to shower with lots of TLC – not just on Valentine’s Day, but 365 days a year.

So why not grab love by the horns cushions this February? Let us play cupid, choose a fabric sofa from Sofa Club, and know what it’s like to feel love at first sight.

Or if you’re already coupled up with one of our stunners, take a look at our socials for further tips and advice on how to clean your fabric sofa like a pro.



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