September 17, 2019

Top Tips For Setting Up A Home Office

Creating a working area in your home with the right 'working' vibe can be difficult, but it’s all about using home decor that allows you to mentally separate that space form the 'chill out' areas of your home. Here are our top tips for setting up a good home office space...

Invest In The Basics

When setting up a home office, try to avoid any furniture or decor that you would typically relax on (for instance your sofa or a cosy throw)! Invest in the basics such as a modern desk and a great office chair, and avoid any other ‘homely’ touches such as beanbags. You can still make your home office look great by adding a statement cushion on your office chair, and by adding cute accessories on your desk like stationery and a table lamp!

Try Not To Overcrowd

Working well requires a clear mind and thus a clear working space. No matter how confident you feel working in a cluttered space, your productivity will definitely be better in a tidy and spacious setting. Keep your office space small and stick to necessities such as pens and notebooks. If you occasionally need extra items for your work, keep them in drawers or out of sight locations like folders, shelves and cute storage boxes. 

Prioritise Lighting

Good lighting is also key to good productivity. Try and place your desk in a well-lit area of the room, but always remember to face your computer or laptop screens away from direct sunlight. If you tend to work better in the evenings, opt for bright white and wide-reaching light fixtures for the least eye strain and a well-lit room.

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