July 11, 2022

How to dress a corner sofa

How to dress a corner sofa

Your new corner sofa.

Admit it… it’s your pride and joy 😍. Not only is it the perfect cosy companion after a long day at work, it’s the shining star of your living room. The centrepiece that gets all the attention. And naturally, you want it to look its best.

 Dressing a sofa is a bit like putting together an outfit. After all, it’s a piece of fashion for your home and it’s important to get the right combo of colours, textures and proportions. So why not channel your inner Gok Wan? Follow our advice and ensure your L-shaped couch is slaying it style-wise.


5 tips to dress your corner sofa to kill



Interior design is always influenced by the latest catwalk styles. So when it comes to dressing your corner sofa, the first step is to check out what’s hot this season.

For 2022, calming shades are trending. Think dusty greys, light taupe, oyster beige and – surprisingly – blush pink. No longer seen as ‘girly’, blush pink has been rebranded as a neutral shade and is the perfect option for creating a cosy, chic and chilled-out vibe.

Subtle colours are also a great starting point, from which you can easily build upon in the future – updating your sofa’s ‘outfit’ in line with the changing seasons. Just like you would your wardrobe.



Cushions not only enhance your sofa’s sink-into comfort, they’re essential corner sofa accessories. In fact, they have the power to make or break its outfit.

For the lowdown on the best cushion combinations, it’s worth having a nosey at our previous blog. The trick is to go for a mixture of either prints and block colours, or a selection of different textures. And always put your darker shades at the back and brighter colours on top.

In terms of their arrangement? With an L-shaped couch, the classic ‘3 cushions at either end’ approach simply won’t work – as the corner seat (which should be the deepest, most inviting part) will look hollow and bare. Instead, our advice is to work from the centre out and add an extra central stack of cushions to fill the gap.


Corner sofas from Sofa Club dressed with accessories



Cushions aren’t the only accessory in your arsenal. A throw is another great way to dress a corner sofa like a true fashionista – adding both character, and extra cosiness.

To avoid the kooky student house look, be sure to focus on texture (and keep away from the ‘quirky’ patterns). Just like you’re drawn to the softest scarfs or silkiest PJs, the same applies with a throw. Opt for fabrics that are irresistibly soft to touch, such as velvet or wool.

Then, for a casual and homey look, drop it ‘carelessly’ over the edge of your corner sofa or chaise. Or, to keep things straight-lined and contemporary, fold it up neatly and hang it over the arm.




This is particularly important for a living space that lacks natural light.

To show off your corner sofa in all of its glory, either place a floor lamp or a low-hung pendant directly behind it. The ideal design will depend on the style of the couch and the room’s décor – something trendy (obviously). Perhaps opt for an industrial look? Or a glass dome with brushed gold accents?

Whichever light source you choose, the key is to make sure the corner seat is illuminated – drawing attention to the snuggest, comfiest section.


Corner sofas that have been 'dressed' well



IOHO, certain things just go hand-in-hand with a corner sofa.

For a start… a coffee table. Not only will it balance out the proportion of the couch itself, it’s the perfect stage for a succulent plant or your latest Jo Malone candle. And somewhere to put down that cheeky vino on a Friday night! Just pick a size that fits neatly into the L.

A rug is also an absolute must. Choose one that’s soft and fuzzy or one with an artful pattern. Either way, it’ll anchor everything together and add an extra dimension of texture and warmth.

Lastly, you should never neglect the wall behind your corner sofa. Using the sofa’s dimensions as a guide, simply put up a couple of ledges and add a few statement pictures and prints – picking out colours from the sofa itself or the sofa cushions.


Sofa available at Sofa Club


Still not happy with your sofa’s outfit?

How you dress your corner sofa is a personal choice. Ultimately, it comes down to your own sense of style and individual tastes. So our advice? Don’t stress about it too much. Just think of it as choosing an outfit and go with the cushions, throws and accessories that you like.

Having said that – if you’re eager for more trendsetting tips and ideas…

This is the only club you need.

Our Insta page is full of advice and inspiration on corner sofa styling – so be sure to take a look. #JOINTHECLUB and sign up for our newsletter. Or if you have a burning question about sofa cushion combos, the best corner sofa accessories or just our corner sofas in general, you’re also welcome to get in touch.

Either DM us on WhatsApp or send an email to customersupport@sofaclub.co.uk. We’re on hand both AM and PM and always happy to help.



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