May 30, 2019

How To Make Your Living Room Fit For A Gentleman

How To Make Your Living Room Fit For A Gentleman

Nothing compares to the masculine and glamorous look of a gentleman, and such a man, or gentlemanly lady, needs an equally fitting living room to lounge around in. Black and brown are the key colours here, strong and masculine, they keep any room grounded. For the other colours, stick to dark and brooding shades, whether you’re going for an industrial vibe or a more natural feel.


No gentleman’s room would be complete without armchairs or a leather sofa, so pick one- or both, to fit your needs and tastes. Pick something that oozes character, the Paddington is surprisingly manly and super comfortable for even the pickiest couch potato. Vintage pieces can look amazing with this look, but be careful to properly treat any fire-prone fabric or furniture before settling in.


Material wise, be as outlandish or reserved as you like- but remember to stick to fairly neutral colours. Matt blacks and brown can blend any statement piece into this look, so don’t be afraid to get out the big guns! Try painting bookcases and storage a uniform dark colour and add trinkets and detailing for character. To draw eyes, frame wallpaper and link the same themes throughout the room. Black and gold patterned curtains are full of character and can be matched across the room to link the theme. Whatever you decide to do, don’t forget the perfect spot for the whisky!

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