September 27, 2018

Trick of the trade: Take inspiration from your building and exterior design

Trick of the trade: Take inspiration from your building and exterior design

Interior decorating may be all about the inside of a building, but that doesn't mean you can't get some ideas from the outside. Often forgotten, a lot of thought, design and of course practicality went into the features that make the base of your home different from any other! Using shapes and lines that appear on the building in your furniture and decorations gets the most out of a building's look and feel; however, that doesn't mean you can't deck the place out with modern décor and move the design of the building right up to date to the 21stcentury!

Whether you're enjoying a cosy family night or entertaining, your sofa brings a space together and sets the feel of a room. Add a classic but modern centrepiece sofa to get a fresh take on flexibility and fashion and the most out of your design without changing the surroundings! For a new, clean and relaxing twist to any room add a dynamic off-white to the walls to bring the most attention to features and details! If you have a unique and characteristic feature on the outside of the building such as stone cladding or bare wood, try and use that to your advantage in the inside of the house by bringing a bit of the outside in! We're loving copying traditional engravings made in the wall of the house to use as pattern and detailing on the side of the house to join the two together!

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