February 05, 2019

The One Piece Of Furniture Every Hallway Needs

The One Piece Of Furniture Every Hallway Needs

Why are some homes so much more tidy than others? Well, partly because they spend more time cleaning and make less mess and partly because they just have more space to store stuff. When you have more space to store objects, you end up with less clutter before you’ve even got the duster out! By far, the most important storage unit in the hallway is the desk right in front of the door. If you don’t have one, you need one, if you do- you need to use it!


If you’re putting a new area for the clutter police to live, make sure that you match it to the style of your home. You can’t go wrong with wood and there’s loads of different sized options for different budgets that can be used for whatever you’re looking to store. From small shelves and mirrors to cabinets and desks- it’s important there’s a space for throwing down your knick-knacks once you walk through the door. Not only do you need this space to help prevent ‘got that while we were out’ debris from building up, it’s very important to have somewhere to store all of your going out essentials. If you’ve ever been late for work, frantically searching for where you left the keys, you’ll understand just how important the all mystical key spot is. If you struggle with mess, it’s essential to get into a routine when you leave or enter the house to prevent said mess building up.You should be designing your house in a way that supports, or even forces you, to go about your daily business in a certain-tidy way!

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