January 19, 2019

This Stylish New Trend May Be Just What Your Bathroom Needs

This Stylish New Trend May Be Just What Your Bathroom Needs

Nothing quite screams luxury like a good bathroom. But sometimes it can feel like the house and space you live in limits what you can do. If you feel stuck with your bathroom, consider matching all the surfaces. Sound simple? It’s an impressive trick that top bathroom designers use to make their designs stand out above the rest, and no, that doesn’t mean you can’t get the same effect on a budget.


There’s a few options here, you can cover the entire room in a certain tile, colour or print- or, if you’ve got more time and budget, you can make a work of art out of it and still end up with that beautiful luxe effect. Sound too far out to you? Maybe simple is more your taste, wooden floors, shelving, shower backs and even a fake wooden toilets could be the perfect thing for you. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, why not try bold patterned tiles across the entire bathroom. Yes, wall, floor, sink and all. The ultimate design statement and actually perfect if you’re looking to revamp your bathroom on a budget. This way, you only need to buy one type of tile for the entire room, so you can get away with spending less money overall. Not to mention, it looks fabulous! If that’s still not your style, try picturing black and white patterned tiling up one wall and onto the floor. If you’ve got a mostly white bathroom and only want to do minor renovations, this may be the style for you, as you can get away with only changing a small area, and therefore saving money. Pop a couple green plants in and sit back and admire your matching handiwork, you’ve earned it!

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