May 29, 2019

How And When To Use Bold Flooring

How And When To Use Bold Flooring

There’s nothing like a bit of pattern and colour to brighten up a cold room, and, although it might not be your first thought, choosing the right bold flooring is a great way to do that! Whether you’re a fan of traditional patterns and ethnic designs, or prefer modern and cleaner pops of colour- there’s a floor to make whatever style you’re going for work!


Bold flooring is great for those rooms that just need a little something extra, but can’t enjoy a good wallpaper or patterned ceiling. Keep the floor light and mild when there’s other bold designs and patterns in a room and take special care not to clash colours! Take it from the experts, mixing patterned wallpaper and patterned carpets isn’t the best idea! Popping a good bold floor down in an otherwise plain room is the best use of this trend.


Having flashbacks to your nan’s bathroom? Start out with a rug or small area of tiling before deciding to commit to an entire room. From funky, to stripey- there are lots of options that don’t bring to mind an 80s disco! Choose which style and pattern you’d prefer, then look for matching tiles or carpet. If nothing is quite living up to your expectations or you’d prefer to design your own pattern, individually coloured tiles can be placed whichever way you like to make whatever pattern you’re dreaming of!

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