January 05, 2022

The Trend Edit - Parisian Chic

The Trend Edit - Parisian Chic

 Welcome to our TREND SERIES, kicking off your week with the first interior trend PARISIAN CHIC!

Just like the Parisian fashion that we see all over Instagram, the rise in Parisian inspired interiors has become apparent across influencers accounts. It’s the perfect example for the new year’s refresh as it focuses on simplicity. The fashion element is built around a few classics, in the same vein the Parisian influence works on interiors.

Parisian apartment

Take the LBD (little black dress) - it can be used across decades, yet always looks chic and classic. Just like an LBD,  a Sofa Club sofa is designed with timeless in mind. We want you to always be able to style it up from cushions through to ornamental décor or strip it entirely back with minimal features to suit any trend.

You may ask, how can I achieve this look with a small living space? Well Parisian apartments are exactly that, they take small spaces and elevate them with interior features. We will take you through 5 key ways to help get your journey started on a new Parisian styled home!

Parisian Style

Long and slim mirrors

Naturally, they bounce light around and create the illusion of more space. Hang your mirror higher than usual to “lift” your ceiling and give an instant taller feel.

Long draped curtains + curtain rods

Not all homes are blessed with big, welcoming windows. However, we can trick the eyes to give this illusion. A tip is to hang your curtains/pole higher than your windows to elongate the space. Alternatively extend the width of the rods around 10-15 inches to trick the mind into thinking part of your wall is really glass.

Single statement colour wall

A continuous shade from skirtings to the ceiling allows for an ongoing flow and allows for our eye to not be distracted by fragments of colour, this works across the skirting around the door and the doors themselves. Keeping to one colour across the circumference of the room allows for a continual effect.

Vertically striped wallpaper

This keeps our eyes guided up and down the wall, paired back with your woodwork to compliment. Pick the most prevalent colour in the wallpaper to keep the theme of the room cohesive, this will further enhance the space.

Panelling + vertical lines

If the idea of wallpaper isn’t for you, this is a great alternative to create the same effect. Adding vertical panelling on the walls again allows for our eyes to be guided up and down without distraction and elongates the rooms height.

 Parisian Apartment

Don’t forget, half the fun is in the search. Go to markets and antique shops; get to know your own personal style. When something makes you stop in your tracks, you know that something is for you. Keep your eyes peeled for our next interior focused trend and how you can incorporate it into your living space. Remember, our sofas can be utilised across all trends, styles and personalities as the timeless sofas bring adaptability - always providing you and your home with longevity.

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Sofa Club x

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