August 19, 2019

The Best Colour Palettes For Shared Spaces

The Best Colour Palettes For Shared Spaces

Living in a shared space can be stressful, especially when different people can have completely different ideas and styles. When sharing a living space, there needs to be a compromise, and although you may not be able to squeeze any bold prints by a pastel lover, there are less alarming colour picks that are just as stylish and won’t upset anyone. Here are our top 3 trend-led colour palettes that we can guarantee you will all agree on... 


Unlike other colours, blues are mild and soothing, no matter the shade. Keep a space blue-centric and don’t mix any other non-neutral colours in. Pair different shades of blue with grey, cream and white, and don’t be afraid to splash out on rich textures. For a more sophisticated look, blue or grey stripes are a common, affordable pattern to ground any room.


The colour in our living environment has a long-lasting effect on our mood throughout the day, so it’s important to get it right. The classic black and white combo instantly makes a space more modern and clean-cut, but there are ways to make it seem softer. Not only is black and white super affordable, it couldn’t be easier to pull off. Lighten it up with pockets of colour and texture to turn a harsher looking room into a welcoming and relaxed space. 


Warmer rooms often fall into the trap of being too distracting. Instead of focusing on the decor or style of a room, your eyes are drawn to and overwhelmed by the areas of brightness. Peach is a warm and bright shade and it makes a statement, but it doesn’t steal the show. Mix classic peach shades on pillows, rugs, blankets and accent walls with creams and whites on main walls, floors and furniture for a regal and warming feel. 

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