March 15, 2019

3 Of The Best Ways To Use Multiple Colours

3 Of The Best Ways To Use Multiple Colours

Sticking to a few base colours can look great, but sometimes all a room needs is a mix of the good stuff. As long as you avoid too much of any one colour, the multi coloured look is super easy to pull off. But what are the best ways to sneak a bit of the rainbow into your life? Here’s 3 we love.

  1. Fabrics
    From curtains to cushions, any small and easily replaceable fabric is perfect to experiment with. Don’t be scared to go bold, but always make sure to match a certain colour throughout a room. This could be a single colour in a world of different shades, but it’s important that it’s there; otherwise you could end up getting a bit too far away from the matchy-matchy look.
  2. Furniture
    From tables to lamps, there are many ways to sneak a bit of colour into your life. Try and keep these to mostly single colour pieces as otherwise they could end up blending into the rest of the room. Some things just need to stand out. If you’ve gone too far with the bold and bright colours, lighten up the look by adding plants. These plants can act as the glue to pull the entire room together and hopefully distract away from that mess over by the windows!
  3. Doors
    Colourful doors are all the rage right now, and not just for the outside. The best part about this fun and striking trend is that you can’t really go wrong. Pick your favourite bright colour and slap it on there, you’ll be amazed at how much brighter your home can feel.

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