October 04, 2018

How to pick the right sofa

How to pick the right sofa

If your old sofa is not quite up to scratch anymore it's time to stop putting it off and get shopping! Online shops tend to be bargains for picking the right sofa, and we've got to be honest they're the first place we look when we want to add some new sparkles to our home. But, if you're the sort who likes to try before you buy there's plenty of places which offer samples and examples so you can find that match made in heaven material before you splash out! Picking the right sofa is all about what is right for you, a good sofa simply is comfortable, stylish, affordable, relaxing and soft- with a neutral colour that easily adapts to the place it's put in. The sofa should be the centre piece of your living room, and nobody but you can decide what qualities you value the most for your money. Do you prefer more luxurious fabrics, things that give you that 'I could sink right in' feeling? If so, maybe a stylish velvet (yes, it's back and we are loving it!) 4-seater with a footrest for a little bit of extra relaxation after a hard day is the sofa for you. Maybe you're more into soft and comfortable, but functional and supportive of the back too, the thing for you could be a high-backed leather 3-seater sofa. Don't just think about the sofa itself, think about the colours in your living room, are you more of a white and beige sort of person? A lighter sofa might be more your style. But if you're more of a black and greys person, a stylish and on trend charcoal might be a better fit for your room.

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