January 31, 2019

How To Brighten Up Winter Gloom

How To Brighten Up Winter Gloom

It’s been a long winter, and it’s not showing any signs of stopping yet. If you’re one of the millions of people more sensitive to the weather- than you may be feeling extra fed up this year. Not to fear though, there’s a few things you can do to try and cheer yourself up while the sun’s getting ready for its long awaited debut.


A big part of having feelings of helplessness during the winter can be day length. The amount of time it’s light is already getting longer, but investing in sunlight imitating lamps or clocks are a great way to smooth out any problems til then. If you struggle with sleep, a natural light clock could be perfect for waking you up slowly and gently by simulating the sun coming up- just like in nature.


As light is directly related to feeling down during winter, getting more natural light into your home during the day- especially if you work at home, can be invaluable for getting back to your normal cheerful self. Use bright colours in the main rooms of the house and remove anything that could potentially stop window light from getting in- even if it seems like it’ll only have a small effect. Take a look at your bed position, if your sleeping area is often hid from light, that could be affecting your mood, not just when you wake up, but also all day long. Try moving your bed to be closer to the window and avoid blackout curtains when sleeping.

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