January 31, 2019

The Linen Library

The Linen Library

You may be forgiven for thinking all bed linen is equal, it’s just the stuff you use to cover the bed right? Well, no, throwing some random linen on willy nilly may be convenient, but in the long run your style, wallet and even health could suffer. Think about it, when you walk into your bedroom your bed takes up a sizable patch of your vision, so your bed sheets are just as big a part of the overall look of a room as the colour of the wall or the curtains. If your priority is style but you’re low on the money to buy your way there, it’s easy to buy cheap patterned fabric and sew your way to the right look. This way, you can also easily match and compliment curtains, bed sheets, duvets and cushions.


Sometimes sustainability is more important. Organic and eco-friendly bedding is an excellent way to make sure you’re contributing to a healthy world, not just by not lying on chemicals at night but also by being confident your fabric won’t harm wildlife once it’s thrown away. Not only can you make sure your sheets are made from sustainable materials, but some products also have certifications for fair labour practices, which means you can sleep well at night (on your fancy new sheets) with the knowledge the people who made them were fairly paid and weren’t exploited for their work. It’s true, it may be more expensive to invest in good quality linen, but if you’ve ever tried to change the bed and accidentally ripped your sheets, you and your wallet will appreciate the extra comfiness in more ways than one!

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