March 09, 2020

3 Ways To Make A Dark Room Feel Brighter

3 Ways To Make A Dark Room Feel Brighter

It is not uncommon to have a dark (maybe even windowless) room at some point in your life – so if natural light is something you are lacking, here are 3 ways to make a dark room feel that little bit brighter...


This isn’t the first time we’ve spoken about the power of mirrors. They are any room’s secret weapon (or magic trick). Mirrors not only make your room feel bigger but they will bounce around any light that comes its way. Ok, that one was obvious but that’s how important it is.


When you don’t have natural light, you've got to create it! Ambient lighting is a must in a dark room - those lights that give off diffused light in all directions (think lamps with a shade). The type of lightbulb you use is also important. Don’t add a cool light that will make your room feel cold and harsh. Instead, bring warmth into your room and your heart with warm light bulbs. 


If you have a dark room and only decorate with muted solid colours, your space will feel a little flat. You don’t have to decorate with all the colours of the rainbow, but choosing a colour palette that makes you happy, while throwing in some patterns (with varied pattern scales) for visual interest will brighten up any dark room.

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