November 13, 2018

Top Tip: Choosing the Right Footstool for You

Top Tip: Choosing the Right Footstool for You

Unsure whether or not you want a footstool? Gone out of fashion in the last couple decades in Britain, now the humble footstool is back and kicking! More people are seeing the benefits of having a comfy spot for their feet, never mind the trendy look and even more storage space!

So, what type of footstool is best? It depends what you’re using it for! Consider how soft the fabric is, how long lasting it’s likely to be and think about what you’re going to be using it for and the strain it is likely to have. If you’re after your bog-standard footstool at the end of the sofa, consider getting one from the company itself, to have the best chance of matching style wise. Some sofas even come with the option of a footstool at order, even better if you ask us! 😉Don’t just consider how it looks, although that’s important, think about practical considerations as well, if there’s space underneath it can be used for more storage in small rooms, if your floor is delicate, be very careful which feet the footstool you choose has as to avoid scratching.

Footstools come in all shapes and sizes, so make sure the shape and size you’re after has an equally shaped and sized space in front of your sofa! If your room’s on the small side, consider a sofa with an extendible place to rest your feet, that won’t get in the way otherwise! Before you settle on a style, set some paper out in the space you're planning to put it in and think about how it’d look, if it looks great, great! Now all you have to think about is the material and feel!

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