August 03, 2020

Easy Ways to Make Your Home More Appealing to Buyers

Easy Ways to Make Your Home More Appealing to Buyers

If you are looking to sell your home, you are entering a competitive marketplace where there are probably numerous other houses that offer similar features. So in order to make your home stand out, why not put in the time and effort to make your home that little bit more appealing using these easy tips...

Fix The Little Things

You know, the broken doorknob in the bathroom, the cracked tile in the kitchen, the dead spots in the lawn. You may have been meaning to get to them all, well now is the time! The more polish you can put on your home through little repairs, the more appealing it will be to buyers. One of the best things you can do is walk around each room in your home looking at all the imperfections - the more things you can kick off your list the better.

Clean And Declutter

Homes have a tendency to fill up over time, especially if you are a collector. But clutter is not a good selling point for a home. Excessive clutter makes a home look dirty and small, neither of which are selling points. Take some time to go through all your things and throw out anything that doesn't have a home, or that is not needed. Then give your house a thorough deep clean, and try to maintain the cleanliness to keep your home looking fresh and clean. 

Go For Neutral Paint

Painting the walls of a home can really personalise a space, but you want to appeal to as many buyers as possible, so you need to offer something fairly neutral. If you have brightly coloured walls, consider painting them over with a more buyer-friendly colour. There are some very nice beige, grey and light earthy tones that can make a home look really appealing!

Look To Your Lighting & Fixtures

Lighting and fixtures can really change the feel of a home, especially one that is dated with old fixtures and dim interior lighting. Buyers today want lots of light, so consider buying updated light fixtures that make rooms more vibrant and more contemporary. And do your best to bring in as much natural light as possible as sunshine is always appealing to home buyers.

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