November 08, 2018

Top Tip: Small bathroom design hacks that are GENIUS

Top Tip: Small bathroom design hacks that are GENIUS

Everyone tends to forget about the bathroom when they’re redoing their home, most people focus on their living room or bedrooms, especially if said bathroom is barely big enough for itself! But the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in a house for giving off a sense of style, never mind for storage, no matter your budget or the size of the room. Never fear, we know just how to raise your small bathroom up with the best of them, and with barely any money needed!

We feel the pain of a small bathroom, but maybe it’s not as small as you think? Are you making use of all the space available? Probably not. Installing a cupboard or shelving above, (yes, above!) the toilet is a great way to fit an extra little bit of storage into somewhere so cramped! Another place often overlooked is the back of the door, I mean, why not stick some storage on there too! Nowadays there’s tonnes of different addons that can be hung on the back of a door for various different reasons, from a rack for toiletries to a beauty product pocket organiser. If there’s nothing cheap and perfect in the shop to store what you want- make your own! A great idea to make use of wall space is to cheaply add your own shelving with planks of wood, trust us, once you’ve enjoyed bathroom space you’ll never look back. Thank us later!

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