January 11, 2019

5 Things To Do On A Cold Night

Sometimes a room can seem too overwhelming to redo, but don’t stress, we’ve all been there. Take it bit by bit, day by day and you’ll soon have the house of your dreams with what barely seems like any time, money or effort. The Sofa Club interior design experts have put their heads together and come up with 5 quick and easy things you can do on these long cold nights to warm up your room (and your smile) for the morning after.

  1. Shift the furniture around
    One of the biggest changes you can make to a room is moving the furniture. Our brain works a certain way, and when large objects inside a room are moved our perspective changes and we look at the entire place with fresh eyes. Try it!
  2. Plump the sofa up
    We all love a nice soft sit down after a long hard day, but sitting on the same spot on your sofa every night can actually cause it to get less comfy over time. Plump your cushions and fabric up regularly to avoid this!
  3. Get rid of clutter
    Yes, yes, yes. We all know this one, but clearing up mess can be perfect for jump-starting your mind and getting you motivated to do more.
  4. Add a wall decoration
    Nothing beats being creative, and a great way to let all your energy out is on a statement section of your wall. Whether you’re a good or bad painter, paint large and bold shapes or small and beautiful details to add a wow factor to any room.
  5. Swap a light fighting in
    Sometimes getting up and making big movements is just too much, instead, play around with different light fittings and lamp shades. You may find a splash of colour or a certain shape makes all the difference!

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