October 03, 2018

How to draw attention to a vintage floor

How to draw attention to a vintage floor

So, you have this beautiful vintage floor, no matter if it's stone or wood or tiles you want to show it off and flaunt it! Polish and wax any flooring so that it always looks it's best and shines, ready to draw attention to itself. Clean regularly and don't forget to treat vintage flooring extra carefully as it may get scratched very easily. If your blasted mother in law does come around with her 9-inch heels and the floor does get scratched or have scratches, no problem, try rubbing wax over the scratch gently with a cloth; but really, scratches add to the character and charm of an old floor, so if all else fails don't worry about small faults in something so old! It would be a shame to hide something so beautiful and full of history, so don't cover the floor under any circumstance, unless you're using a small rug in the middle of a wooden floor to draw attention to the surrounding area. Use ground plants with lots of green leaves to provide contrast against the beauty of the floor. If you have a natural vintage stone floor, using wood on the walls and furniture really heroes the stone and makes it stand out and the same applies if you have wooden floor, don't be afraid to add a little of stone!      

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