June 20, 2019

This Fabric Trend Is Long Overdue

This Fabric Trend Is Long Overdue

For too long we’ve been destined to go to bed surrounded by boring and bland bedding and curtains. But, not to worry. Times are changing. It’s now trendy to get decorative with fabrics, even if the rest of the room is also patterned. Whip out the colour and jazz up your cushions; they’ll be no neutrals in these bedrooms!


It’s true, an important part of design is not overloading a room. But, having said that, getting creative with your bedding and fabrics isn’t necessarily going too far. In fact, using bright colours and bold patterns can even balance out flashier elements in the rest of the room. Giant striped ceiling? No problem, stick some psychedelic bedding in there and you’ll officially be stylish. About time if you ask us!


We love this new fabric trend and it’s not just limited to bedding. Curtains and other fabrics in the room are also contenders for a makeover. Traditionally, all fabrics in a room tend to be a bit on the dull side. Break the mould and introduce a snazzy and bright sofa or loveseat to really get the creative juices flowing. Not just for adding some excitement to a space, colour can also be a great way to guide the eyes in a room. So, if you happen to be distracting away from ugly walls- well, you know what to do!

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