May 29, 2019

3 Ways To Rock The Colour Black

3 Ways To Rock The Colour Black

Adding black to a design is classic way to add more style and drama, but many people are afraid to take the plunge- or simply don’t know how to use the colour properly. Don’t be scared; embrace your dark side and follow these 3 simple ways to use black.

  1. Sofa fun
    Unlike many other ways to use the colour black, you can’t go wrong with a good black sofa! As much as we love classic neutral colours, black is a more modern and daring take on the same style. Moody and luxurious, black sofas are especially easy to blend in with the rest of a room. Pick a real black, not dark grey, and decorate with gold or dark brown accessories. The Corinthia is modern and sophisticated in cool black, but fun enough to fit in with any style.
  2. Walls and ceiling
    It’s true that black walls and ceilings can sometimes be too much for a space, but keep to some basic rules and you can have all the drama and mystery without any of the gloom! Black walls work well when balanced with other bright colours or whites- and can add some fun to both minimalist or maximalist spaces! Not to mention, they’re super easy to hide scuffs and marks with!
  3. Delicate details
    Love black but don’t want to risk too much? Play it on the cautious side and focus on details such as the skirting board, panelling or hand painted patterns. You’d be surprised just how much drama you can squeeze into a room using only a small amount of colour! Plan these out beforehand and try to match the black throughout the room. Don’t forget, warm and modern colours can help keep a struggling space light and airy! 

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