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Our Most Asked Sofa Questions: Answered!

Our Most Asked Sofa Questions: Answered!

Do you have questions about buying a sofa? Maybe you have questions regarding how to style an existing sofa in your home? Well, we have you covered! We've picked our most asked sofa questions and answered them below (we hope the helps)!

What style sofa is best suited for my modern home?

Timeless minimalism goes hand in hand with a modern style. If this is the style you opt for in your home, the best way to encompass this is through subtle shades and muted tones - no extravagant or expensive furniture needed! Choose a few chic, quality fabrics that will elevate your space, and opt for greys, beiges and stone colours. Our Savoy Sofa allows for a clean, sleek look with its ergonomic shape and 'less is more' look!

The Savoy Sofa
Oyster Bay

What is the best shape sofa for a small home?

Before indulging on a new sofa or furniture for your home, make sure you measure the room to understand how to best utilise your space. A great tip is to use masking tape to mark up where you would like your sofa to go. Take into consideration how many people will be using the sofa, and how you like to spend your time. A corner sofa is great for compact living spaces, for example our Chelsea Left and Right Corners. Position your sofa against a wall on one side and have at least 12 inches in every other direction to create the illusion of space. A sofa where you can see the legs underneath will again create space and give the illusion of a large living room. Sofas that are also lower to the floor help to maximise a small space.

Chelsea Sofa
Stone Alone

P.S - add a love seat or armchair in the corner of the room or adjacent to the sofa for your guests, this creates a cosy corner in your home without compromising on space. Or are you somebody that has a long but narrow living room? A modular sofa will be the perfect fit for you!

What colours should I invest in this year?

In 2022, colour is the new black as fashion and interiors look to a brighter future (literally). Utilitarianism has been replaced with a spirit of experimentation in our lifestyles and now in our homes. The take up of colour is widespread - scroll through home accounts on Instagram and you will find influencers using bright colours ranging from pumpkin orange to primrose yellow. This year, burnt orange, sage green and bubblegum pink seem to be the winners!  Implement these colours into your home through soft furnishings such as cushions and throws. You can also experiment with an accent wall and one-off hard furnishing pieces like a sculpture or accent chair.

How do I keep my sofa looking brand new?

We all want to keep our sofas looking box fresh, so follow our top tips in our care guide for the best sofa aftercare. For all spillages and marks it is recommended you use a soft absorbent cloth to soak up the initial spillage. Avoid excessive rubbing as this may cause damage and discolouration to the fabric. If the spillage has caused staining, we recommend you contact our specialist cleaners who are equipped to deal with such occurrences. Purchase a castelan careplan on our website to cover you for any accidental spillages and marks!

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Denise squire
Denise squire

February 04, 2022

Looking for a large corner sofa , not grey or muted colours

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