February 26, 2019

Looking For Love? Here’s How Your Decor Could Help

Looking For Love? Here’s How Your Decor Could Help

Romance is never easy, but making a good first impression can be. You may be used to the everyday clutter of your own home- but it’s good to take a step back every once and a while and think about how the same bit of mess could appear to someone else.


There’s nothing worse than getting home with your date, ready to settle down and watch some netflix only to realise there’s not enough seating space! Not only should you make sure there’s always enough space, but also that there’s options for how close you want to sit together to avoid any awkward or uncomfortable situations.


Whether you’re a fan of the style or not, having more comfortable and relaxing decor is more likely to make your special someone feel more at home. Plump for mild and sensual colours such as peach, browns and creams- and avoid over the top decorations or any potentially controversial decor. Having pictures of family or pieces of art is a big positive when trying to attract a potential partner, as it not only shows your personality and soft side but can also let your partner know you’re loving and capable of making meaningful connections in your life. Having lots of family pictures can also let your potential partner know that you might be looking for that in the future, and can be a talking point or at least a warning if there’s different views. We’re not all privileged enough to have a fireplace, but if you’ve got it- flaunt it. Not only is it a toasty way to keep the cold at bay, now’s your chance to live the cliché and cuddle up in front of the fire!

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