May 04, 2020

How To Create The Perfect Outdoor Chill Out Spot

How To Create The Perfect Outdoor Chill Out Spot

We're now fully into Spring, and the longer, lighter evenings and sunny days are definitely helping us get through lockdown and making us feel more energised. And as a summer holiday seems to be off the cards for this year, we need to make relaxing at home in our gardens or nearby outdoor areas as tranquil as possible. So here are 3 ways to create the perfect outdoor chill out spot in your home...

Prepare Your Garden

Does your outdoor space need a spruce up? It doesn’t need to be a major overhaul, even just a few little updates can transform the area into the perfect chill-out zone. If your fencing is looking a little tired, give it a fresh coat of paint, or bring a pop of vibrancy and colour into your garden by introducing different types of flowers. You can even get lolly outdoor lanterns that look stylish and give the perfect outdoor chill out vibe. 

Create A Seating Area

Next, review your seating area. If you have decking or a patio, get the surface cleaned. A pressure washer is a great low effort way to get a patio looking sharp and as good as new, while decking might need a fresh coat of primer if it’s looking worn in places. If you’ve had your outdoor furniture for a while but it’s still in good condition, smarten up its appearance with some new scatter cushions for extra comfort. To make the very most of the warmer evenings, you could add a fire pit to give your garden that holiday feel.

Bring The Outside In

You don’t have to be outdoors to enjoy the outside - if you want to chill-out without going out, set up your interior rooms to maximise the beauty of Spring. Let the natural light flood into your home by opening blinds to their fullest and open the windows up wide. You’ll still feel the welcoming warmth of the sun on your skin as well as the gentle breeze. Just remember not to let your sofa get too much direct sunlight or you’ll risk it fading. If you have patio doors or bi-fold doors in your home, sunnier days is when these really come into their own. Bi-fold doors extend fully, sliding across the length of the wall to completely open out allowing you to feel closer to the outside.

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