December 01, 2022

Join our revolution and invest in a sustainable sofa

Join our revolution and invest in a sustainable sofa

‘The world still stands on the brink of climate catastrophe’.

That’s the headline following this year’s COP27 UN Climate Summit.

Soz’ for the downer. But sadly, it’s true. Some progress has been made, but we still have a very, very long way to go to reduce emissions, and we all have to do our bit to help. Including us, here at Sofa Club.

That’s why, this year, we started a revolution.

A revolution that aims to disrupt the sofa industry and change it for the better, with the development of ‘green sofas’. Not sofas that are green in colour. But those that are green in nature. Sustainable, kind to the planet and 100% ready for the future.

Say hello to our first-ever eco-friendly sofaThe Burlington. ♻


A sustainable sofa for Netflix and (eco-conscious) chilling

Due to the bunch of toxins associated with polyurethane foam (i.e. the foam stuffed inside your couch), most people are currently chilling on a sofa that’s bad for the environment. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

The Burlington marks the start of a new chapter for Sofa Club.

One in which we attempt to save the planet, one sofa at a time.


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Designed with the welfare of the world in mind, this is a sofa that’s made using the latest innovations in sustainable fabrics. Not only is it crafted from 100% recycled ocean plastic, it’s manufactured right here in the UK – limiting its mileage and reducing its overall impact.

However, that doesn’t mean it compromises comfort.

In our book, sustainability and cosiness don’t have to be mutually exclusive. The Burlington is both.

Thanks to its (recycled) soft woven texture, and plump scatter cushion design, it creates a sanctuary of relaxation in your home – allowing you to sit back, get comfy and do your part for the environment. The perfect spot to lounge, with no guilty conscience required.


The Burlington - Sofa Club's first sustainable sofa


Oh – and it looks good too! Coming in two popular shades of grey – Light Shower and Top of the Rock – the Burlington is beautiful on the inside and the out. Making it the perfect choice for all you beautiful souls, who wish to style your home whilst protecting the planet.


Sustainability at Sofa Club

To say the environment is important to us is an understatement.

The Burlington is the first step on our journey towards sustainable sofas. But there are a few other ways in which we’re trying to make a change and do our bit for The Blue Planet.


Ways in which Sofa Club are sustainable



We’re official partners with Ecologi – which means, for every single order placed, we plant a tree.

Or at least, some other green-fingered person does on our behalf…  

We may know more about bolster cushions and boucle than we do about birch and beech. But our heart is in the right place, and we aim to offset our manufacturing process and the materials used when making our products. Shop with us and, somewhere in the UK, will be a tree with your name on it.



Landfills are pretty rubbish for the environment.

So it’s simple, we need to stop filling them.

To help reduce the amount of waste we produce, we’ve recently started an outlet refurbishment scheme – in which we repair ex-display products back to their former glory and find them a home.

What’s more, all packaging from your new sofa will be removed free of charge by our delivery duo, with a promise to recycle as much of this as possible. And that old unwanted couch of yours? Get in touch with our friends at the British Heart Foundation and donate it to a good cause.



This year we got the ball rolling. We introduced a sofa made almost entirely from recycled plastic and sourced our timber frames from responsibly managed forests. But we want to do better.

In fact, by 2025, our goal is to ensure all of our products are made from materials that are certified as responsibly sourced or derived from recycled materials. The Burlington may be our first sustainable sofa collection, but we stick to our promises, and it certainly won’t be the last.


'Green' sofa available at Sofa Club


Choose your ‘green sofa’ today

Green sofas are trending.

We’re here for it – and we reckon you will be too.

You may not be able to attend the UN Climate Summit or encourage the biggest offending nations to cut back emissions. But if you’re looking for a new couch, you can join the revolution and buy The Burlington. And that’s at least something!

This innovative, eco-friendly sofa is a wise investment – both for your home and the future of the planet. A piece of fashion for the living room, that allows you to lounge in comfort, whilst also minimising your impact on the environment. So why not take a look at the full 11-piece range?

Lead the way in terms of style, sustainability and morals.

And if you’ve got any questions about The Burlington Collection – or potential other sustainable sofas we may have in the pipeline – please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can slide into our DMs any time, day or night, via WhatsApp. Or send an email to


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