July 07, 2022

4 seater sofas – so big, you don’t know where to put them

4 seater sofas – so big, you don’t know where to put them

Firm believer that bigger is always better?

We’re inclined to agree.

Measuring 230cm long on average, our 4 seater sofas are certainly very generously proportioned – perfect for big houses, big families, and people who like to hold a regular soiree.

The question is – how do you accommodate such a large and dominating piece of furniture? Even if you’ve got plenty of space to play with, deciding where to position it can feel like a bit of a puzzle.


Example of 4 seater couch available at Sofa Club


Our advice is to think about how you’ll use it.

Will it be a spot to entertain guests? A casual hub for you and the kids to play? A chill-out TV zone, for post-work solitude? Or just a stylish seating area?

Once you understand its purpose, the pieces should fall into place and the best way to configure the room will (hopefully) become a bit clearer. But to set you on the right track, here are just a few ideas of how you could map out the space and make way for an epic 4 seater sofa.


5 lounge layouts for a 4 seater sofa



This is the perfect arrangement for the socialites.

Place matching 4 seater couches opposite each other, in the middle of the room, with a rug and coffee table between them. Whether you enjoy a daily catch-up with the fam, or like to be the hostess with a mostess, twinning sofas will encourage convo – without compromising comfort.

Of course, the matching look only really works if you have a big lounge, as you’ll need plenty of space around the edge for manoeuvring. So be sure to double-check dimensions before ordering!



Working with a long, rectangular living space?

Why not position a 4 seater sofa against the longest wall, and invest in an entertainment credenza for the wall opposite? Add a 50” TV, a table lamp, a few vases. Then pop a round coffee table in the centre of the room, to break up all the straight lines and create a cosy look.

For this one, the ‘two-thirds rule’ applies.

Try to find a sofa that’s about two-thirds of the wall’s length. That way, it’ll have enough space to breathe, and you’ll still have a spot in the corner for your Monstera floor plant.


4 seater sofa in a classic chesterfield style



Looking for a way to divide an open-plan space? No need to start putting up walls.

In a shared kitchen lounge, opt for a linear 4 seater and position it so that it’s turned away from the kitchen and facing the TV wall. Add a fuzzy rug and a coffee table and you’ve created a relaxed seating area – perfect for when you just want to slump with a box set and your fave bowl of pasta.

Or you could use a 4 seater corner sofa to do the same thing?

Either way, we’d recommend choosing a modular design. Then you’ve got the option to update the layout of the sofa itself in the future – making it bigger or smaller to suit your changing needs.



Just because you have a lot of space in your lounge, doesn’t mean you have to fill it.

Forget about cramming in as much as possible. An easy way to make the room look ‘furnished’ and homey – yet (crucially) not cluttered – is to pull your 4 seater couch away from the wall.

A 4 seater chaise sofa works particularly well for this layout. Or you could opt for a straight four-seat design and combine it with a matching footstool. Either way, to complete the look, simply add a large floating coffee table and put up a shelving display or framed prints on the wall behind.


4 seater chaise sofa available at Sofa Club



If you’re desperate for a snuggly, spacious 4 seater, but your lounge is a little on the small side, don’t fret. All is not lost. A 4 seater corner or chaise sofa could be the ideal solution to your conundrum.

These provide just as much seating space – but, as they take advantage of the corner of the room (which usually goes to waste!), they look considerably smaller. You get all the advantages of a large couch – i.e. a place to chat, entertain, stretch out and recline – without it overbearing the room.


Just slot it neatly into the corner and slide a rectangular coffee table into the L shape.


Solved the puzzle?

Where there’s a will, there’s a way (usually). And we reckon we have the perfect 4 seater sofa to suit lounges of all shapes and sizes. Simply browse our full online collection, check the dimensions of your fave style and figure out exactly where your new super-sized seating will go.

If you’re still not sure, further 4 seater sofa ideas can be found on our Insta page.

#JOINTHECLUB. And remember, you’re always welcome to get in touch. If you have any questions about the 4 seater couches available in our store – or the best way to show them off in your lounge – either message us directly on WhatsApp or send an email to customersupport@sofaclub.co.uk.

We are Sofa Club – the home of stress-free sofa shopping – and we’re always happy to help.


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