March 09, 2020

Maintaining Your Velvet Sofa

Maintaining Your Velvet Sofa

There’s nothing as luxurious (and homely) as a velvet sofa. Soft, smooth and stylish! It’s the ultimate upholstery choice for anyone looking to create a statement in their home without compromising on comfort. But before opting for that stunning crushed velvet sofa, should you worry about how to clean velvet furniture? While it does require slightly more consideration than fabric and leather, keeping it clean needn’t be a chore. Here are some top tips on velvet sofa care to help you cherish and enjoy your furniture for years to come...

Cleaning Velvet

Vacuum your sofa gently using an upholstery attachment to keep on top of dust and dirt. You can also shake, move and turn your velvet sofa seats and cushions every month to avoid favourite spots becoming wrinkled. Velvet tends to mark when it bears weight for long periods. While this is normal, you can minimise marks by switching up your favourite spot now and then to spread the weight more evenly. 

Blotting Velvet

For small spills, gently blot your sofa with a cloth without rubbing or applying too much force. This will remove most of the liquid, and any remaining liquid can be dried using a hairdryer from a safe distance to avoid heat damage. Brush the velvet to restore it and it will look brand new! 

Styling Velvet

Velvet infuses a sense of luxury and comfort into your home like no other, and  the rich and vibrant material is sure to turn heads in your home. Are you feeling tempted to buy a crushed velvet sofa for your home? Visit our website here or check out some of our best-sellers below!


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