November 19, 2018

The One Skill You Need for Decorating A Kitchen on A Budget

The One Skill You Need for Decorating A Kitchen on A Budget

Kitchen blues? Learning how to mix different textures and types of surface is a must for getting away with budget redecorating. When you’re low on the cash, you can’t exactly afford to choose matching surfaces for everything. Don’t worry though, switching around colour, pattern and texture is essential to decorating. First of all, keep an eye on one specific thing about your furniture and counter tops. That could be colour, texture, shine, feelings, style or pattern. Whatever it is, make sure there’s bits of it mixed throughout the kitchen in various different surfaces, warm undertones can work great to unite various different pieces in a kitchen! An example, using a granite counter top with a wooden table may look out of place, but, brown spotted patterns in the granite may actually work in favour of wooden furniture as it brings the contrasting pieces together! No need to splash out on new furniture that won’t work if you can learn how to match pieces together. 

Be at peace with the mood, but don’t go too nuts. Nobody likes to see a kitchen too matchy-matchy, there’s nothing worse than that same darn thing popping up everywhere you look. Having different things for the eye to focus on throughout the kitchen will make it overall less chaotic and more balanced. If you’re in doubt about whether different sections of your kitchen are meshing well together, white it up and bring the areas together by force! 

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