January 09, 2019

3 Ways To Embrace Bohemian Style In Your Bedroom

3 Ways To Embrace Bohemian Style In Your Bedroom

A flowy, unique and natural dress instantly conjures up boho vibes on you, but what about on your room? We’ve picked out three beautiful different ways to add that enviable free spirit passion to any budget bedroom.

  1. Vary textures
    Use different types of materials across your room. We’re not just talking about fabrics. Plants, wood, thick paint, stone and metal all work amazingly to add a different feel to an area. Use tapestries, rugs and shawls made from unique and exotic plant materials as a quick way to get this varied texture across. Find cheap fabrics in charity shops and repurpose them for whatever you like, but if you’ve got lots of spare small amounts of fabric you can wrap different sections of furniture to take this to the next level.
  2. Flow
    There’s no structure or rigidness in bohemian style. So, throw those matching tiles out and use different wavy, unsettled design across the room for a free spirit feeling. Mismatch plant pots, furniture, blankets and pillows and stack books roughly to add a beautiful organic vibe. Try covering windows with thin fabrics instead of using traditional curtains or blinds and mix up the traditional bedroom layout, leave the bed diagonally, or drape plants, lights and cushions around the sleeping area instead of beside it. There’s no limit to creativity with a bedroom in this style!
  3. Layers, layers, layers
    Who doesn’t love a big range of colours and prints, and traditionally, lots of countries produce eccentric and intricate culture inspired patterns that look beautiful when all mixed together. Why not collect different patterns, colours and materials on your travels to take back for your room?

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