August 11, 2020

Sofas In The Bedroom: Creating A Relaxing Retreat

Sofas In The Bedroom: Creating A Relaxing Retreat

No big bedroom is complete until it’s graced with fabulous seating. Even in cosier homes, sofabeds can transform bedrooms into multi-functional spaces like offices and dressing rooms. Gone are the days when bedrooms were just for sleeping, which means it’s important to have somewhere to sit and sofas offer another way to refine the texture and personality of your bedroom. So why not try these sofas in your own bedroom...

Statement Chairs

Reading expands your mind, but living rooms and kitchens can buzz with distractions. Escape them all by creating your very own bedroom reading corner. Pick a chair that's comfortable enough to curl up on without compromising on style. The SLOANE LOVESEAT is the perfect fit - place it by a distant window or at the end of your bed for a statement look. 

Elegant Footstools

Expand your imagination beyond the realm of chairs to include other forms of bedroom seating. Set a footstool in your favourite corner or at the bottom of the bed to accentuate your space. The LUXE FOOTSTOOL is sleek and stylish, and is the perfect addition to a walk-in dressing room.

Sleek Sofabeds

Perfect for smaller homes, sofabeds provide the best of both worlds. Miracle space-savers that maintain an airy and relaxing feel that can be accessorised in a number of ways. Simply pair with primary colours and you have a playful space for children. Mirror with a gilded dressing table to curate a killer dressing room. We have some exciting sofa beds coming to Sofa Club this September, so keep an eye out on our socials and website for the launch! 

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