September 26, 2018

5 steps to becoming a Cleaning Ninja

5 steps to becoming a Cleaning Ninja

Every wondered how some people seem to spend no time at all cleaning, yet their house is always suspiciously clean? You're sure they're hiring a cleaning ninja to pop in and out at the crack of dawn each morning, but maybe it's easier than you think... Follow these 5 steps to rival even the most eager beaver cleaners and claim your very own cleaning ninja status.

  1. Don't sit around watching mess pile up around you, clean it as it comes and it'll suddenly take up way less of your time and way less of your peace of mind! When you start a cleaning sesh you get slower the longer you've been going, never mind the risk of becoming swamped by the sheer amount of work to do, so instead, clean in lots of short bursts, as mess happens, takes up way less time than otherwise!
  2. If you are going to do a deep clean, work around the walls. Start on one corner of the room and work around the entire room clockwise until you reach the same point again, this makes sure you don't miss anything and don't have to go over anything twice! If your house is open plan, no worries, work around the entire house following the wall until you get back to the same spot again! Trust us, it'll make your cleaning 10x more better and faster!
  3. It may seem obvious but when cleaning much used areas, for example machines in the kitchen or bathroom, do clean it after you've used it, certainly not just before!
  4. Use the right tools for the job! If you're having trouble cleaning objects with nooks and crannies, see if you can rig up a tool to make it easier. For instance, rather than busting out the ladder at the first sign of a dusty corner- why not buy an extendable duster or extend it yourself?
  5. Divide and conquer, get the people who made a mess to clean up after themselves, even if it's just small things, it adds up!

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